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Thrift shop doll head swap= Radio station girl!

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Thrift shop doll head swap= Radio station girl!

Postby Jeannie » Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:19 am

Dear My Scene Fans,

Do any of you remember my having mentioned that Miami Getaway Nolee that I found at a thrift shop?

Do you remember my having asked you which My Scene girl should be the mascot for the radio station for which I volunteer (I think that most of you thought that Nolee would be best suited to the radio station)?

Well, tonight, I went to a broadcasters' meeting, and the latest news was the fact that the station needs some homestyle treatment. I'm thinking that now is the perfect time for me to introduce the radio station's new mascot girl!

I had customized the thrift shop girl, but I decided to replace her head with that of a spare Let's Go Disco Nolee! I feel slightly sorry for the poor thrift shop girl, but I'll make everything super cool, with regards to her looks, when I repaint her face.

The only objectionable aspects of the new radio station girl might be the ink tattoo flower on her inner thigh, and her belly button ring. I've dressed her as a sort of fancy rebel, but, since the radio station for which I volunteer originally promoted folk music, I might want to redress her as more of a slightly daring Country-style girl. I think that she should look like the sort of hip, edgy, yet down-to-Earth sort of local teenager who might decide to volunteer for the station! Therefore, I might cut apart my old, brown tank top after all, so that I can make her a cool, sleeveless hoodie, or something.

I might repaint her irises brown...?

If anyone has any names which they think would fit with a sort of country/ folk-esque version of Let's Go Disco Nolee, feel free to suggest them. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I want the radio station girl to look neat (the station is trying to upgrade itself), pretty, edgy, and yet distinctly down-to-Earth and country-esque.

If Big KMart lowers the price of SwS 2 Kennedy, I might take her to the station, too, so that the new girl won't have to be alone. I might make some signs, which say "Support your local community radio station.", or something, so that the dolls will have something to hold.

Thanks in advance for your replies.



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Postby Mao » Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:52 am

When are you gonna get a camera?! XD I wanna see her!
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Postby LostFromReality » Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:05 am

Gah, Nolee!!! xD
Can't wait for the results! THe only name I can think of right now is Wendy...
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